Sparkling Rose Of Love

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Why buy a real flower when you can get a rose that lasts forever?

Do you want to express your love to your specialsomeone and preserve the beauty of what you havetogether?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your significant other this holiday season?

Introducing the Sparkling Rose, which can set your room ablaze with its enchanting glow. Our Sparkling Rose is encased in a glass dome and has 20 LED lights. It is a beautiful addition to any home, an even better gift, and will put you and your specialsomeone in the mood.

Our Sparkling Rose is most commonly associatedwith love and romance. It is a timeless gift that will never cease to be special. This gift is all about the rose and the glass dome it comes in; the artfularrangement of each blossom, colour, and shapethat takes centre stage. The base of this everlastingflower arrangement can be another advantage as it holds LED lights while illuminating the whole setup. It provides a romantic ambiance that you and your loved ones will appreciate when spending timetogether.

Key Benefits:

✔️ Never Withers & Stays Impeccable, Making it an Ideal Gift for your Loved Ones

✔️ Preserves your Love for your Significant Other & Can Last a Lifetime

✔️ Acts as a Token of Love & Appreciation for your Special Someone

✔️ Creates a Soft Light that can Brighten Up your Day

✔️ Elevates the Ambiance & the Look of your Home

✔️ Saves you Time, Money, & Effort from Watering the Rose Every Day

✔️ Represents your Unending Love for your Significant Other

How Does It Work?

Our Sparkling Rose is designed to last forever. It has a manual switch at the bottom of the dome and is battery-operated. The glass dome is glued togetherto avoid accidentally breaking the glass and rose.


Material: Glass

Power Source: Battery-Operated (3 AAA Battery Not Included)

Product Dimension: 5” x 5” x 8.7” 

Package List:

1 x Sparkling Rose in a Gift Box